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Full List of SuperNintendo game roms that have ben confirmed to be more or less playable on PocketSNES for GBA

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Un-Emulated SuperNES features:

  • Graphic Modes: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • 8x8 and 16x16 bg tile tiles
  • Mosaic effects
  • HIRQ/VIRQ interrupts
  • Mode 7 scaling and rotation effects
  • FastROM and SlowROM support
  • Full HDMA effects
  • Single and Dual Windowing Routines
  • Background Priorities
  • Sprite Priorities
  • Screen Addition/Subtraction (full and half)
  • SPC700 (audio)
  • High Res 512 horizontal resolution
  • Special Chips (DSP, SuperFX 1 and 2, SDD-1, etc.)


GBA ROM Flash Cards

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Flash2Advance ULTRA 512M

Pocket SNES Advance Features

No sound emulation at this time but graphics in many games already run smoothly. Expect better compatibility in next release.

The current build of the emulator features the following abilities of the Super Nintendo console:

  • 65c816 CPU Instruction Set
  • SRAM support
  • LoROM and HiROM support
  • DMA support
  • NMI interrupts
  • Graphic Modes: 1(partial)
  • 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 sprite support
  • 32x32, 64x32, 32x64, and 64x64 tile modes

Here you can see a screen from the Batman Returns game running on SuperNintendo hardware. On the left - you see the same game rom being emulated on Gameboy Advance. Notice that GBA has a resolution of 240x160 when as SNES games where made for a resolution of 256x240 so when played on gba the screen has to be resized.

Batman returs on SNES

In some games the screen will follow the main character similar to unscaled mode of PocketNES (NES roms emulator for GBA)

To adjust the brightness of the game by electing High / Med / Low in the menu. To enter the Pocket SNES Advance menu press START+SELECT.

emulator menu

In this menu you can select to Restart the game you are playing or return to the Game Menu where you can pick another rom to play.

Scaling: What does it do?:

Many probably seeing the word scaling assume it has to do with the resizing of the window of viewing area given to you by the emulator. This is wrong. The scaling box in the Pocket SNES Advance builder actually is an autoscrolling device. Somewhat like the one in PocketNES, but with more user customization allowed. There is a simple forumla this method uses which is:

scroll position = (sprite position) * scale% + offset

What this means to you exactly is that the scale setting tells it how much a sprite will move the whole screen. While 0 means no effect, going up to 100 will cause the screen to follow your controllable sprite exactly. Typically a setting of 25 or 30 will be a good number to start with for those who want to experiment a bit.