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 PocketSNES emu for GBA - Super Nintendo SNES Emulator for Gameboy Advance and GBA SP Flash Cards.

Latest News

February 15, 2004

PocketSNES beta released.

Visit our download section to get the latest version of snes emulator for gba.
Just when you thought it wasn't possible Loopy does it again - working emulator for playing snes roms on Gameboy Advance and GBA SP. Download the Emulator. Run the rom injector utility. Create PocketSNES.gba file and write it to your GBA Flash Card or play it in VisualBoy Advance emu on PC/ Mac/ Linux/ BeOS.

download pockesnes

Full List of SuperNintendo game roms that have ben confirmed to be more or less playable on Pocket SNES Advance for GBA

working snes roms list


Wish List / Things to do:

- aspect ratio needs to be corrected
- better compatibility in new version
- sound for pocket snes - unlikely


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SNES did not have any official Pokemon games so PocketSNES can not be considered a real Pokemon Emulator, but there are homebrew / public domain and bootleg Pokemon games that can be used with a SNES Advanced emulator!
The unlicensed Pokemon Stadium Bootleg (SNES ROM) is a worthwhile mention.

Is it really that cold out here.

Hell has frozen over. A SNES emulator for the GBA is born.

There where many people in the Emu forums that were coming up with all kind of silly reasons why emulating SNES on GBA is impossible. 32-Bit 16.7 mhz ARM processor that Gameboy has is not powerful enough to emulate 16-Bit CPU 3.58mhz CPU of Super Nintendo - WRONG. SNES has 6 buttons and Gba has only 4 - Most games don't need all 6 and for the ones that do require them use Select + L in PocketSNES to emulate the Super Nintendo Select button.

Once it was cool for the "hardcore" gamers to make fun of the n00bs who asked if there will be Snes2gba, SnesOnGBA or SnesToGBA emulator. Most common answer was: "When HELL freezes over".

What will they say now?

From the Pocket SNES Advance readme.txt
"Please understand this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. That means lots of things are still broken, buggy, or just plain don't work. A lot of SNES functionality
has not been emulated yet. Many (in fact, almost ALL) commercial games are still unplayable or look like crap. You have been warned."

X = L A = R R = Select+R
Y = B B = A L = Select+L
Select+Start brings up the emulator control menu.

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all the people who underestimated the POWER OF THE GAMEBOY.

Snes2gba emulator that claimed 100% compatibility was a fake but everybody who was telling that emulating Snes games on GBA was impossible was lying as well.

Pocket SNES Advance News.

Gaming consoles are already in an advanced generation. The once 8-bit graphics and midi music games are now replaced with High Definition video games, with fully orchestrated music. The PlayStation 3 is one of the best examples. It is a fully-equipped computer, with processors and cards specifically designed for HD gaming. However, every once in a while, you feel nostalgic and you want to play the classic Mario, Sonic and arcade games. You can play them all on your console with SNES Emulators for PS3.

Pokemon emulator iOS and Android downloads added. Windows 10 compatible.

Feb 16th, 2004 - Loopy Fixed up more gfx problems with PocketSNES.

Feb 4th, 2004 - Added screen brightness setting. Running low on RAM, rearraged the CPU core to save space.

Jan 31st, 2004 - In-game setting screen is working (sort of)...

Jan 30th, 2004 - Implemented select+L/R controls.

Jan 29th, 2004 - Added Mode 21 support. Changed SPC faking method. Tweaked auto-scroll and speed hack code.

Jan 28th, 2004 - Loopy Fixed a DMA bug, Konami games working better.

Don't confuse GBA Pocket SNES Advance with the one made by Bleeding Edge for PocketPC. If you are looking for the Pocket PC version go here. Also if you are looking for the official homepage made by VampireHunterD go here.

What Loopy said about SNES Sound emulation on GBA:

Q: there is gonna be no sound at all?
A: Not likely. I'm not gonna say it's impossible, though. I used to believe SNES emulation would never happen either.

Q: will Pocket SNES Advance work on Nintendo DS or 3DS?
A: yes - we hope it will and using the increased processing power of the NDS you will be able to play snes roms on nintendo ds at better speed with sound