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February 15, 2004

Pocket SNES Advance BETA released.

Visit our download section to get the latest version. Create PocketSNES.gba file and write it to your GBA Flash Card or play it in VisualBoy Advance emu on PC/ Mac/ Linux/ BeOS.


Zelda A Link To the Past SNES ROM


Full List of SuperNintendo game roms that have ben confirmed to be more or less playable on PocketSNES for GBA


GBA ROM Flash Cards
For backups and emulators

Play all GBA ROMS as well as Pocket SNES emulator roms on GB Advance & GBA SP using gba Flash Cards from Success-HK.com


Flash2Advance USB GB Bridge



Pocket SNES Advance ROM Tools

How to make snes roms into gba roms

1. Download the pocketnes.zip and unzip it.

2. Run PocketSNES.exe and you will see a window like this.

Pocket SNES Advance menu

3. Now click on the button and the select the rom files of the snes games that you will play on gameboy. The files have to be in *.SMC format.

4. Now click [Save...] and save the newley created .gba rom file. You can name it watever you like.

5. To play Pocket SNES write it to a gba flash card or play it in one of the GBA emulators for PC.


There's no SRAM management right now. Games SHOULD be able to save if you check the "SRAM" box in the rom builder. Don't do this for more than one game though, because they'll be fighting for the same memory.

If you see a star next to a game (inside the rom builder), that means it's been hacked and has a better chance of running good